In theoretical cryptography, authors are conventionally listed in alphabetical order, regardless of their contribution amount.


  • Non-interactive Mimblewimble transactions, revisited [ePrint],
    with G. Fuchsbauer. To appear.
  • Publicly verifiable anonymous tokens with private metadata bit [ePrint],
    with F. Benhamouda, T. Lepoint, M. Raykova. To appear.

Conference publications

  • Gemini: an elastic proof system for diverse environments [ePrint] [Talk] [Code],
    with J. Bootle, A. Chiesa, Y. Hu.EUROCRYPT 2022.
  • A proposal for the standardization of ∑-protocols [PDF] [Talk],
    with S. Krenn. 4th ZKProof Workshop.
  • On the (in)security of ROS [ePrint] [Talk],
    with F. Benhamouda, T. Lepoint, J. Loss, M. Raykova. EUROCRYPT 2021. Best paper award! Invited to the Journal of Cryptology.
  • Efficient Anonymous Tokens with Private Metadata Bit [ePrint] [Talk] [Code],
    with B. Kreuter, T. Lepoint, M. Raykova. CRYPTO 2020.
  • Aggregate cash systems: A cryptographic investigation of Mimblewimble [ePrint] [Talk],
    with G. Fuchsbauer, Y. Seurin. EUROCRYPT 2019.
  • Lattice-Based zk-SNARKs from SSPs [ePrint] [Talk] [Code],
    with R. Gennaro, M. Minelli, A. Niţulescu.ACM CCS 2018.
  • Non-Interactive Zaps of Knowledge [ePrint],
    with G. Fuchsbauer. ACNS 2018. Best student paper!
  • Homomorphic Secret Sharing: Optimizations and Applications [ePrint],
    with E. Boyle, G. Couteau, N. Gilboa, Y. Ishai. ACM CCS 2017.
  • Actively Secure 1-out-of-N OT Extension with Application to Private Set Intersection [ePrint],
    with E. Orsini, P. Scholl.CT-RSA 2017.