Michele Orrù

I believe that privacy is a human right and that cryptography can help foster an open society. My research focuses on the intersection of authentication and anonymity. I work on:

  • improving efficiency and security of zero-knowledge proofs,
  • lightweight anonymous credential systems,
  • confidential transactions.

In the past, I contributed to Python, Debian, and Tor. I co-designed Globaleaks, an open-source whistleblowing platform now translated in more than 90 languages and used by more than 300 organizations, and co-authored the cryptography behind Google's Trust Tokens. Sometimes, I help NGOs on matters of digital security.

I am a CNRS research scientist at Sorbonne Université. Previously, I have been at UC Berkeley as research scholar. I got my PhD from École Normale Supérieure, and my MSc in math from the University of Trento. I attended the Recurse Center in Fall 2020 (W2'20).